Custom Maid!

Custom Maid! summary:

Hououji Yuu is a high school closet otaku, and is also the sole heir of the very rich Hououji family. She needs to keep her hobbies secret from others because that would end up ruining her family name. Because of that, she has always kept her distance from maids. Until one day, she meets her personal maid Masaki, who happens to be her favourite doujinshi artist!

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Chapter name View Time uploaded
vol.1 chapter 11 166 Jan-12-17
chapter 10 166 Jul-29-16
chapter 9 168 Jul-29-16
chapter 8 242 May-07-16
vol.1 chapter 7 249 Apr-15-16
chapter 6 285 Feb-28-16
chapter 5 207 Jan-28-16
vol.1 chapter 4 161 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 3 165 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 2 178 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 1 218 Jan-20-16