• Elhanburg no Tenshi

    Alternative : エルハンブルグの天使 ; エルハンブルグノテンシ ; El Hamburg no Tenshi ; El Hamburg's Angel ; Elhanburg's Angel
  • Author(s) : Aki (あき),
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Jun-28-2016 07:40
  • TransGroup : Updating
  • View : 5,825
  • Genres : Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural,

Elhanburg no Tenshi summary:

Madeth and Lalvan successfully obtain a castle but it seems that there is a rumour going on around that says the castle is haunted by a spirit. The spirit is actually an angel that blesses kings that are currently ruling the land of good fortune and that he will be loved by all the people of the land. He will also be most likely ruling the land for a long time. However, one day, the appearance of a lady has stirred conflict between the two good friends. What will happen to the relationship of Madeth and Lalvan?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 10 483 Jun-28-16
Vol.1 chapter 9 360 Sep-11-17
Chapter 8 388 Mar-06-16
Vol.1 chapter 7 456 Feb-13-16
Vol.1 chapter 4 457 Jan-20-16
Vol.1 chapter 3 424 Jan-20-16
Vol.1 chapter 2 532 Jan-20-16
Vol.1 chapter 1 653 Jan-20-16