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From The Company: A girl with a god's name, Kubera. The god who's prophesied to bring great change into the world. The story begins with Kubera in a remote mountain village with her family. Her life soon turns upside down as she witnesses the fiery end to her town and everyone she knows. Accompanied by a magician of riddles, watch as the world trembles at the war against the gods. Webtoon from Naver

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chapter 292 386 Jun-19-17
chapter 291 463 Jun-12-17
chapter 290 422 Jun-04-17
chapter 289 511 May-28-17
chapter 288 526 May-21-17
chapter 287 767 May-14-17
chapter 286 823 May-08-17
chapter 285 792 Apr-30-17
chapter 284 977 Mar-26-17
chapter 279 563 Sep-13-16
chapter 277 : Asha (1) 646 Jun-28-16
chapter 272 550 Mar-21-16