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Ao no Exorcist Manga is a Japanese supernatural action manga series written and illustrated by Kazue Kato
The storyline revolves around Rin Okumura, a teen who finds he's the son of Satan produced from a girl that is human and is the inheritor of Satan's powers. When the guard of Rin is killed by Satan, so that you can get the better of his dad Rin decides to eventually become an exorcist

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Rin discovers that he and Yukio would be the sons of Satan, the most powerful of devils one day. Watching Shiro expiring to shield him, Rin ends up doing what his guard requested him never to do: bring on the demon-slaying blade Kurikara, which limits his demonic powers. From that minute on, Rin gets the power to ignite himself into blue fires that could destroy virtually anything they touch, but also long-term demonic attributes like fangs, pointed ears, along with a tail.
Rin registers in the esteemed True Cross Academy, which is really the Japanese division of an international organization dedicated to safeguard Assiah, the human world, Gehenna, in the demonic world from other creatures and devils. Much to his surprise, he becomes one of his teachers and discovers that his brother, Yukio, is an expert Exorcist. So the journey to eventually become an Exorcist of Rin starts, followed by his brother and his fellow pupils who become his friends as well as comrades-in-arms.
Rin shown several physical characteristics that suggest at his Demonic nature, including outstanding canine teeth and pointed ears, while in his human form. After using Kurikara for the very first time, Rin additionally gets a black, fur-tufted tail just.

As a Devil, Rin gets two hornlike blue fires floating above his head elf like ears, and slit-like pupils that are reddish while his irises stay a strong azure. The blue fires additionally blaze in the end of his tail, mainly around other positions of his body.

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He was likewise seen wearing different decorations on it and a white coat with large pockets and a fingerless set of black gloves. Because of how frequently he got into fights, Rin was seen with bandaids wounds that were generally cared for by Yukio, over his cheeks and fingers.
While in True Cross Academy, the school's uniform, which includes black trousers, a loose necktie, a black coat, and a white top is worn by Rin. Together with his bangs pinned up so he is able to read his studies, he's sometimes seen in course
Rin has a style that is encouraging and protective. He is able to be quite violent and will get into fights (which usually are brought on by powerful emotions) but is really kindhearted. He attempts to support and help them as well as supports his buddies. He plans to surpass him, and also looks quite protective of Yukio. Rin is clueless sometimes, like believing that the fins of the Kraken are ears or saying phrases wrong. Regardless of this, he's in a position to associate with someone's feelings to his own, like Ryuji Suguro's dream to conquer Satan and Shiemi Moriyama's despair over her grandma. Though he could get a junior high diploma and be a Exwire he is not the kind of person for school or studying.
Unlike his younger brother, Rin is unformed, which directs other folks into thinking that he's the smaller twin out of himself and Yukio. He's headstrong (figuratively along with literally) and is generally quite open with his buddies.
He appears to really have a little soft spot for critters. The motive he'd gotten into a fight with his delinquent gang and Reiji Shiratori was because they were torturing pigeons.
Mephisto Pheles and Shiro Fujimoto were ordered by the dad, Ernst Frederik Egin of Yuri, to go kill and find Satan's kids and her. Yuri was discovered by them along with her newborn twins within the woods, whom she named Yukio and Rin, and she died of childbirth. Rather than killing the twins, Shirodecided to seal Rin's Demonic powers inside the Devil-slaying blade Kurikara using assistance from Mephisto, and raise the kids of Yuri as his own. Mephisto subsequently made deal that if the Devil powers of Rin came out and if he does not succeed in raising the twins as ordinary kids, they'll be under his guardianship.

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In his youth, an ordinary human life was led by Rin, but temper and his strength looked abnormal, so all the kids and thought of him as a Devil and even teachers worried him, throwing slangs such as 'Devil kid.' He injured all his classmates and got into fights regularly, as well as the sole person who could stop him was Shiro. Yukio was constantly shielded by Rin and supported him to pursue his dream. Additionally Rin learned the best way to cook, which became his natural ability.

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