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The Exciting and Exquisite Bleach Manga 

Bleach Manga is a Japanese Manga series that is illustrated and writer by Tite Kubo. Bleach has over two hundred series in which most of the series have evolved into anime series and it follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki. Kurosaki is a soul reaper commonly known as Shinigami in Japan and he gained powers from Rukia Kuchiki. In his quest to defend humans from evil spirits, Kurosaki pushes them into after life. Bleach is collected into 58 volumes, which are popularly known as Tanlobon volumes, and each of the books discusses the character that is on the cover page. In Japan alone, bleach has released over 500 chapters and there are numerous English versions that are written with katakana on each of them. Bleach Manga has been a continuous series on the ShMnen Jump since 2001 and sold over fifty million copies in Japan and was recorded as the highest Manga seller in the United States.

Gotei 13 captains bleach manga
Gotei 13 Captains Bleach Manga

Bleach has a wide array of characters from captains of soul society to the modern foes of Espada and the incumbent ranks of Vizards. Each cast has a special weapon that identifies him or her in the realm of the series. Currently Bleach Manga story unravels into the past and it mainly revolves around Vizards, the Vizards were previously referred to as group of unknown characters who have both hollow and Shinigami abilities. Moreover, the story reveals the history of Urahara Kisuke and 12th division captain. He is introduced at the beginning of the Manga, is a mentor of soul reaper Ichigo, and is also a Vizards benefactor. The story gets interesting when Ichigo is fighting the evil spirits while the various captains of society are struggling to bring them back. With numerous untamed action and activity bleach Manga has gained popularity across the globe.

Where To Read Bleach Manga Online

If you’re a fan of the Bleach manga, then you’re certainly not alone. As one of the best reviewed mangas of all time, it’s easy to see why Bleach is so popular. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at what this manga series is all about - and we’ll also give you a few tips on where to read Bleach manga online. With this in mind, let’s get started.

First of all, the Bleach series was written and created by Tite Kubo and it focuses on the fascinating adventures of a teengager called Ichigo Kurosaki. Early in the series, he acquires the power of a Shinigami (commonly known as a Death God). However, when you acquires these incredible powers - he also inherits a great deal of responsibility to go along with them. 

Captain of the 10th Division in Bleach Manga
Captain of the 10th Division in Bleach Manga

A big part of these responsibilities is defending humans from rogue spirits who don’t wish to cross over into the afterlife - and completing his role as a Shinigami is the catalyst for myriad adventures that segue between multiple different realms of existence.

At this moment, there’s currently 70 volumes of the story, and it’s even spawned a popular anime version of the original manga - which has received equally positive reviews. What’s more, there’s been a view feature length movies, and even video games dedicated to this world.

So now that you have some idea of what this series is all about, where can you go to read Bleach manga online? Well, let’s take a look at some of your options. 

Bleach Manga AMW - Ichigo vs Ulquiorra

1 -

This popular manga website is a great place to read some of the older manga from the Bleach universe, as they stock a great deal of full mangas in both english and their original language of japanese. They tend to be kept very up to date, so even when a latest edition has been released, you’ll soon be able to find it uploaded to this website.

2 - MangaStream

Here’s another source for reading Bleach online, as well as a range of other popular mangas. They tend to be up to date most of the time, although occasionally there can be some downtime when it comes to releasing the latest translated versions. So if you’re in a hurry, you may need to look elsewhere for new releases. However, this is a great supplier of the older Bleach manga, so if you’re looking to start reading the series from scratch, this is a great place to start.


Overall, it’s safe to say the Bleach manga is one of the best that’s ever been created - so if you’re thinking of picking this up, you’re making a great decision. 

What’s more, it’s easier than ever to find accurate translations of this manga online, so you shouldn't have too much trouble at all when it comes to finding a place to begin your journey. Ultimately, this is one of the best mangas you could read, and most fans of the series have fond memories of when they first discovered it - so you’re in for a great ride!

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chapter 680 : The End 2 2,152 Jun-30-16
chapter 679 : The End 2,054 Jun-23-16
chapter 674 : Father 2 1,921 May-19-16
chapter 673 : Father 1,403 Jan-22-17
chapter 669 : Yaiba II 1,795 Apr-07-16
chapter 664 : The Gift 1,763 Feb-26-16
chapter 655 : The Miracle 1,465 Jan-20-16
chapter 634 : Friend 4 1,312 Jan-20-16
chapter 633 : Friend 3 1,263 Jan-20-16
chapter 632 : Friend 2 1,273 Jan-20-16
chapter 631 : Friend 1,425 Jan-20-16
chapter 624 : The Fang 1,364 Jan-20-16
chapter 622 : The Agony 1,291 Jan-20-16
chapter 615 : ALL IS LOST 1,342 Jan-20-16
chapter 611 : Soul King 1,314 Jan-20-16
chapter 609 : A 1,277 Jan-20-16
chapter 608 1,252 Jan-20-16
chapter 607 : The Master 1,223 Jan-20-16
chapter 604 : Revitalize 1,228 Jan-20-16
chapter 600 : Snipe 1,278 Jan-20-16
chapter 594 : Rub-Dolls 1,276 Jan-20-16
chapter 581 : The Hero 2 1,294 Jan-20-16
chapter 580 : THE LIGHT 1,237 Jan-20-16
chapter 577 : Sword 1,286 Jan-20-16
chapter 572 : The Blaster 1,246 Jan-20-16
chapter 561 : The Villain 1,225 Jan-20-16
chapter 555 : The Hero 1,357 Jan-20-16
chapter 543 : Letters 1,335 Jan-20-16
chapter 526 : The Battle 1,208 Jan-20-16
chapter 525 : Edges 1,212 Jan-20-16
chapter 524 : The Drop 1,190 Jan-20-16
chapter 522 : Love It 1,217 Jan-20-16
chapter 515 : Relics 1,191 Jan-20-16
chapter 507 : The Fire 3 1,163 Jan-20-16
chapter 506 : The Fire 2 1,187 Jan-20-16
chapter 505 : The Fire 1,162 Jan-20-16
chapter 491 : Toden Engel 1,163 Jan-20-16
chapter 481 : The Tearing 1,421 Jan-20-16
chapter 476 : The Lost 888 Jan-20-16
chapter 474 : Believe 835 Jan-20-16
chapter 467 : Luck Men 782 Jan-20-16
chapter 447 : Load 654 Jan-20-16
chapter 437 688 Jan-20-16
chapter 399 : Deicide 729 Jan-20-16
chapter 396 : The Bite 666 Jan-20-16
chapter 387 : Ignited 665 Jan-20-16
chapter 385 : Vice It 672 Jan-20-16
chapter 354 : Heart 731 Jan-20-16
chapter 353 : The Ash 698 Jan-20-16
chapter 347 : The Lust 699 Jan-20-16
chapter 341 : The Envy 656 Jan-20-16
chapter 323 621 Jan-20-16
chapter 270 : Warning 637 Jan-20-16
chapter 213 : Trifle 685 Jan-20-16
chapter 199 : Ugly 698 Jan-20-16
chapter 189 : Resolve 677 Jan-20-16
chapter 184 : Hush 706 Jan-20-16
chapter 145 : Shaken 694 Jan-20-16
chapter 130 656 Jan-20-16
chapter 119 672 Jan-20-16
chapter 116 725 Jan-20-16
chapter 115 : Remnant 670 Jan-20-16
chapter 103 : Dominion 643 Jan-20-16
chapter 95 : Crush 641 Jan-20-16
chapter 71 : Intruderz 623 Jan-20-16
chapter 58 : Blank 642 Jan-20-16
chapter 55 : Shut 660 Jan-20-16
chapter 51 : Death 3 656 Jan-20-16
chapter 49 : Unchained 610 Jan-20-16
chapter 40 : Grow 613 Jan-20-16
chapter 38 : Bent 571 Jan-20-16
chapter 17 : 6 17 735 Jan-20-16
chapter 6 : Microcrack 747 Jan-20-16
chapter 2 : Starter 1,002 Jan-20-16