• Ubel Blatt

    Alternative : Ubel Blatt~ユーベルブラット~ ; ユーベルブラット (Japanese); 魔域英雄传说 (Chinese); Evil Blade (English); Übel Blatt; Клинок зла (Russian)
  • Author(s) : Shiono Etorouji,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-22-2017 17:52
  • TransGroup : Updating
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  • Genres : Action, Adult, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mature, Seinen,

Ubel Blatt summary:

Starting some twenty years before the start of manga, the story narrates on how Koinzell, subsequently named Ascheriit, was a youthful, prodigious swordsman whose ability given him the fabled name of Blatt Meister (actually "Blade Master"). His actions made him one of the fourteen selected by the ruling emperor of the Empire of Szaalenden to enterprise right into a hazardous quest to conquer a strong enemy invader called the wicked state of Wischtech, of whom the several strong engines of destruction and black sorcery created a dangerous foe. Each equipped using a spear blessed by the Emperor himself, and therefore called the Fourteen Lances, the selected traveled far to the enemy's wasted landscape, dropping three of their positions to the dangers of the property, till they arrived right into a woods where seven of the eleven continuing determined to forfeit their assignment, fearing for their lives. However, three of the still crouched on following the Emperor's will and Ascheriit ongoing, and amazingly triumphed within their title, returning not defeated. It was then that the seven massacred them and who abandoned the assignment ambushed their companions. They informed the Emperor the four they killed turned traitors against them on returning home, and the seven finished the project after dispatching them. Therefore, these were dubbed the Seven Heroes, while the four who have been killed became symbols of betrayal and acquired the moniker of Lances of Betrayal and were hailed as heroes.

Therefore, the narrative tells of the voyage of Ascheriit, who vowed to get the the top of his traitorous companies and really survived the slaughter, now warlords and strong aristocrats hailed by individuals as saviors.

Koinzell is a fresh name chosen by among the falsely-tagged Lances of Betrayal, Ascheriit. Back in his youth he was an orphan who had been discovered as new born with a sword smith who adopted him. As he develop he labored as sword smith till he was taken as a pupil in Ms. Glea's college of swordsmanship where he achieved such efforts including nearly learning of the notorious Black Wing sword method after viewing the swords types just once on his first day there. Revealing such guarantee made him a historical honour for those deemed accurate expert swordsmen, the new heir of the title of Blade Master. He was also among the four to carry through their mission and then be betrayed and brutally killed by their fellow comrades, people who became identified as the Seven Heroes, and then became among the fourteen youths selected to take the Emperor's spears and stop the warfare with Wischtech. After having his left eye gouged out by Glenn, his companion, and his physique minced to bits, he was left for dead but managed to survive by feeding on a faery, which regenerated him at the cost of combining his human blood with that of the faeries, thereby giving him the look of a human-fairy kid hybrid with female facial features, light hair, skin and redeyes. Koinzell is thought to be among the top fighters in the show, and regarded the most powerful swordsman in the annals of the empire, due to not only to his swordsmanship, like the fabled Black Wing, but also because he is able to create huge black chain-swords from his proper wrist. He's proven to be even savage, callous, and generally cool when hunting down people who betrayed him. He is able to nevertheless be quite caring and sometimes gets himself at danger or injury for who considers friends of these who he believes is only inside their cause or action for the others. That arrives to that even though he is motivated by vengeance, he's still. He's empowered by the double moons of the planet, and he shrinks right into a kid fairy until recuperated, when overly fatigued.
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Vol.11 chapter 97 : Sturz V 1,965 Jan-20-16
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Chapter 91 : Erosion 8 1,899 Jan-10-17
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Chapter 76 : Mein Herr 1,854 Jan-10-17
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Chapter 74 : Das Kommen 1,956 Jan-10-17
Chapter 72 : Belagerung 1,825 Jan-10-17
Chapter 65 : Flamme 1,931 Jan-10-17
Chapter 64 : Die Faust 1,939 Jan-10-17
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Chapter 59 : Barestar 2 1,891 Jan-10-17
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Chapter 57 : Keil 2,250 Jan-10-17
Chapter 55 : Gefuhl zu.. 1,825 Jan-10-17
Chapter 54 : Unordnung 1,912 Jan-10-17
Chapter 53 : Schlag 1,925 Jan-10-17
Chapter 52 : Gegenangriff 1,886 Jan-10-17
Chapter 37 : Der Leere Sarg 2,027 Jan-10-17
Chapter 36 : In Dunkelheit 2,021 Jan-10-17
Chapter 35 : Schtemwolech V 2,012 Jan-10-17
Chapter 31 : Schtemwolech I 1,950 Jan-10-17
Chapter 23 : Koinzell 1,921 Jan-10-17
Chapter 22 : Nacht III 1,868 Jan-10-17
Chapter 21 : Nacht II 1,882 Jan-10-17
Chapter 20 : Nacht I 1,973 Jan-10-17
Vol.2 chapter 9 : Night I 4,395 Jan-20-16