Saijaku Muhai no Shinsou Kiryuu

Saijaku Muhai no Shinsou Kiryuu summary:

Story Synopsis taken from Volume 1 cover: Lux, who was a prince from the Empire that was destroyed five years ago due to the revolt, met with the princess of the new Kingdom, Lizsharte, by accidentally breaking into the bathroom of the girlâ€â„¢s dormitory. "......How long are you planning to stare at my body, you fooooool!" The ancient weapons found from the ruins, the Drag-Ride. Lux who was called the strongest Drag-Knight in the past was now known as the "Weakest Undefeated", a Drag-Knight who doesn't attack at all. After the duel that started by the challenge from Lizsharte, Lux ended up entering the girls' school that raised Drag-Knights......! Lux's story where he is surrounded by the noble girls from the academy is about to unfold. The "ultimate" academy fantasy battle where the right and the might cross passes now begins!

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Chapter name View Time uploaded
ch.17 : A Lonely Lynchpin 320 03-26-17 03:22
ch.16 : Key 360 02-12-17 04:47
ch.15 : The Sixth Ruin,Garden 376 01-11-17 22:16
ch.14 : The Four Great Nobels 373 11-17-16 07:52
ch.13 : The Envoy from Ymir 403 08-14-16 02:04
ch.12 : Lux Competition 341 08-13-16 21:24
ch.8 : Severe Shock 321 01-20-16 18:38
ch.7 : Prince and Princess 334 01-20-16 18:38
ch.6 306 01-20-16 18:38
ch.5 315 01-20-16 18:38
ch.3 : Assault, and... 373 01-20-16 18:38
ch.2 436 01-20-16 18:38

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