Sasaki to Miyano summary:

From September Scanlations: Miyano is a high school student with a secret–he’s a BL fanboy. He’s passionate about his hobby but doesn’t share it with others easily, until a chance encounter with a quirky sempai named Sasaki brings a new friendship. Sasaki doesn’t know what the heck a ‘seme’ or ‘uke’ is, or why he should be worried when Miyano threatens to draw doujinshi involving him, but he’s eager to learn about his cute new friend’s hobby!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.2 chapter 12.5 739 Aug-27-17
Chapter 12 454 Jul-14-17
Chapter 11 279 Jul-10-17
Chapter 10 282 Jul-10-17
Chapter 9 250 Jul-10-17
Chapter 8 250 Jul-10-17
Vol.1 chapter 7 275 Feb-10-17
Vol.1 chapter 6 349 Feb-09-17
Vol.1 chapter 5 606 Feb-07-17
Chapter 4 1,115 Feb-05-17
Chapter 3 646 Feb-05-17
Vol.1 chapter 2 718 Feb-04-17
Vol.1 chapter 1 906 Nov-28-16