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Iron Venus

ch.4 : Iron Venus [End]

From Divine Sanctuary: Yuuki's first boyfriend is Tetsu, the pitcher of the baseball club, but... she's in big trouble because she has too many rivals in love!? After 4 months of dating, she is constantly harassed to breakup with Tetsu by his fans. Her friend Nacchi says it's because she lacks feminine pheromones!! When Yuuki asks Nacchi how to acquire feminine pheromones, Nacchi tells her that More.

It's all your fault

ch.1 : [Oneshot]

A one shot about a love triangle between a couple and a childhood friend. More.

I Want Her Flower

chapter 4

As the two with opposite personalities get closer, a love story starts. More.

Irrational Us


Updating More.

Inu to Kami-sama

ch.7 : Epilogue [End]

Continuation of I Love You Until the End of the World. Takase Hajime's perspective of his stalker. More.

Ikenai Candy Love

vol.1 ch.story-2 : Ikenai Candy Love

Satoko has suddenly been informed by her irresponsible boss that she’ll be fired soon and only has one more month before she is kicked out. She tried to reason with the company’s number two, Tanigawa-san for some leniency but the cool yet quiet Tanigawa just agreed with the boss. But on her way home from work, Satoko found Tanigawa in the midst of something naughty and he finally confesses that he More.


ch.0 v2 : Iroenose [ONE-SHOT]

Guy picks up a strange girl who was waiting barefoot outside the convenience store. Note: Does not feature sexual intercourse but includes (censored) partial nudity and masturbation. More.

I want to seduce you


A yuri oneshot about two office ladies hooking up. More.

I Want to Lock You Up


In her dreams, Chika can freely confess her love for Mitsuki. But the reality, where she barely manages to talk properly with her classmate, isn't as kind. More.

I Hate


Hiro’s construction company has assigned him to assist in renovating a host club. But there he meets a familiar face, the source of his past trauma and present misery. More.

Ijiwaru wa Kuchibiru

vol.0 ch.0

From Intercross: During Shihori's 15th Spring, she fell in love with the idol Shuu Kitamura. She is even lucky enough to get to meet him in person but realizes he's nothing but a fraud! But, due to certain circumstances Shihori becomes Shuu's personal assistant?! On top of that, Shihori's uncle is in charge of Shuu!? More.

Ienai Itami o Daite Iru

ch.0 : An Unspeakable Pain [Complete]

Shun and his older brother have a little strange relationship...WARNING: CONTAINS INCESTKoganei's story "Kusatta Rasen" and also "Ayaui Kyouen" in which the Makino brothers appear can be found in the main series -Rakuda Tsukai to Ouji no Yoru( ) More.

Isshun no Tsuki

vol.1 ch.2

Oneshot from Hikitateyaku no Koi Mizuho is in love with Shugo-sempai, and even manages to kiss him secretly under the cover of darkness. Only one problem. Shugo is the boyfriend of Mizuho's older sister! More.

I Await Your Reply

vol.1 ch.6 : Love*Preparation

From Lililicious: A girl confides in a friend she met online. More.

I'm no match against those hands


Kazunari has been secretly in love with his older childhood playmate Jin since junior high. Now Jin is back after four years, and the first thing he does with Kazunari is...bite him?! This is chapter 5 of Warui Koto Shitai More.

Idol ga Maiban Heya ni Shinnyuu Shitekuru

ch.ibi-manga : [Oneshot]

From Chibi Manga: Hachiko is in love with her childhood friend. but he's now a popular idol... More.

It's a One-Point Match with Chouko!

ch.ibi-manga : [Oneshot]

Ever since she was young, Chouko has dedicated herself to kendo. Upon entering high school she naturally applies to join the Kendo Cub however, after not being taken seriously, events take an unexpected turn when she stumbles into a boy called Takanashi. -Baka Updates More.

Ichinen no Koi wa Gantan ni Ari

ch.ibi-manga : [Oneshot]

From Chibi Manga: I kissed the friend I had a fight with during the countdown party!? More.

Ibitsu na Kakera


A story about a flame of unexpressed feelings, controlling and eating away into the blood relation. A brothers' forbidden love. More.

Itsuwari no Mori

vol.1 ch.1 : Mori forest saga series (COMPLETE)

The Mori (forest saga) series. 1) Otoyami no Mori - Yume no Koe While visiting the market one day, Doctor Ao happens upon a stand where they're selling demons and reluctantly purchases one as his own. Although the demon has been treated harshly in the past, he meets kindness at his new master's hands and comes to find peace with him. But when that peace is threatened can they find their way back More.

Ichizude Karen na Ore-sama


Itsuki is the number one host at the club 'The Rose Garden'. Somehow, he has fallen in love with Ryou, the shy, innocent newcomer. Itsuki is unsure how to confess his feelings, but then, for the club's 5th anniversary, he is asked to wear a very special costume... Will Itsuki's beauty catch Ryou's eye? More.