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100 Days Dream


Summary from MegKF: "Even though I don't have wings, I can fly." More.

Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai (TSUZUKI Setsuri)

vol.1 ch.1 : [Includes chapters 1-4 & 0]

From Tokyopop: In these haunting tales, a girl creates a cell phone in her imagination, from which she can communicate with others... A young boy discovers his new friend has the power to heal others--and learns about true friendship and sacrifice... And the healing power of love confronts the tragedy and horror of a deadly train accident. More.

Watashi to Ren'ai Shiyo!

ch.0 : Oneshot

A freeter happily moves into a cheap single-person apartment, only to discover that there is a girl already living there - who proposes to him on the spot?! More.

Rocker in Locker


After a long illness, Naki returns to school and finds a ghost in her locker who asks her to become a Rock-n-Roller. More.

Sunset and Curry

ch.0 : [Oneshot]

Have you ever heard of a crow that could speak it's mind and a forever-curryeating-family? More.

Ojiizoo Quest

vol.1 ch.1

Himeno is going on a school-trip with her classmates, including three boys who can transform into the buddhist monk statue, Jizo. More.

Nagisa Round


Ryuunosuke returns to his hometown to live with his grandmother after the death of his parents. He';s glad to see his old friends Tomo and Asuka, however, he quickly discovers how different they've all become in the time they were apart. Will Ryuunosuke be able to regain his lost friendships? More.

Toriya Trip


Karin Kusunoki is the 17 year-old manager of her deceased father's construction firm. Her car breaks down on a lone highway. She's about to call for help when two little fox-girls steal her cellphone. She chases them into a shrine and right through the torii gate into ... an udon shop? The Star Fox Shrine Udon Shop is run by Inari, who tells her she is their guest. Karin wants to go back, but the More.


vol.1 ch.0

While looking for her cat in an apartment, she met a ghost mother looking for her son. This is her story... More.

Majo wa Houki de Sora o Tobu


A backup on a middle school baseball team begs a witch to help him hit a home run. More.

Tengoku no Honya

vol.1 ch.1

Satoshi-kun, a drifter, arrives in heaven to work at a bookstore as a substitute manager. There he meets Rui, a girl who also temporarily works there. Follow the daily events of these two people as the place they are in (Heaven's Bookstore) help those regain what they lost. More.

Sunny & Rainy

ch.0 : [Oneshot]

One-shot from Feel Young Magazine.A short story about a girl and her strange relationship with the rain. More.