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If You Hate Me that Much

chapter 41.5

Minjae accidentally witnesses a younger guy, Hyeongjo, jerking over the sleeping Assistant Professor Jinhan. From that day on, Minjae continues to suffer both mentally and physically from Hyeongjo. How will the relationship turn out between two guys who clearly hate each other and yet, who are also drawn towards each other for some reason that they don’t know? More.

If You Do Not Obey Me

chapter 10

Jang Jiheon, a businessman, falls in love at first sight with Geon during a snooker game. Jiheon's unbearable desires force Gon to spend the night with him. Geon desperately runs away when Jiheon is revealed to be a violent and oppressive man. Then one day three years later, the two reunite in an unexpected way... (Random Fujoshis) More.

Itoshi no Nekokke

chapter 33

Kei-chan moves in with his old friend and lover, Mii-kun, in Tokyo. Their romantic mood keeps getting interrupted by quirky tenants at Mii-kun’s apartment, but there’s a bigger obstacle they must face to become true lovers! Prequel: More.

I Want to Be Naughty!

vol.13 chapter 7.5

*The series alternates between different sets of pairs. Although it's supposed to be read as a whole, you can skip volumes with the pair(s) you don't like. Warui _____ Featuring the school delinquent Towa Aikawa and the student council president Mikado Shirahane. (Pair 1) V. involving this pairing are: V.01, V.02, V.05, V.07, V.12 _____ ja Nai Kedo Featuring Shuuji Yukimura, the formidabl More.

I am Cupid

vol.1 chapter 7

I am Cupid, but my love is not good! More.

Irony Dress ni Sayonara

chapter 5.5 : End

From Fujoshi Bitches: A shriek was heard as a sailor uniform skirt fluttered, and Meguru thought himself a lucky perv till he caught a glimpse of... a guy's boxer shorts? "Quit staring, old fart!" By chance, he ended up inviting the high school boy in girl's uniform, Keiichi, to his place with the mystery of why he wears that uniform still unsolved. Unwittingly, however, Meguru discovere More.

Ii Mon Waru Mon


From [Fujoshi Bitches] Narasaki Naoto was born into a family of thieves. After committing a marriage scam, he is arrested and taken to the upscale apartment of elite detective, Oogaki Kaoru. “I became a detective in order to distort that pretty face of yours.” As the good-looking Kaoru with a stalker tendency calmly says that, Naoto slowly warms up to him as their peculiar living arrangement st More.

Itsumo no Jikan, Itsumo no Basho de.

vol.1 chapter 7

Uda Natsumi, the owner of a food truck, finds himself becoming interested in one of his regular customers: a quiet, handsome young man who drops by after work to try out Uda's sweets and often ends up falling asleep at the counter. More.

Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete

chapter 5.5

From Exiled Rebels Scans: 1) Cowardly First Love Seiji met Daigo when the latter was still in high school. After Daigo confessed, the two became boyfriends, however, even after months of dating, the two have yet to have sex. Will Seiji overcome his fear? 2-3) Please Hold Me Tenderly Bisexual playboy Yuuichirou who works as a book publisher and unsociable gay "Micchan" (Mitsuhiro) have been More.

I Heard the Sound of Flowers Blooming Next Door

chapter 6 : Extra

From: Fujoshi Bitches "Sensei, an impure same-sex friendship, what's that?" Love. It comes all of a sudden even to delinquents. A pint-sized punk is fascinated by the earnestness of the black-haired, pessimistic committee chairman; two punks start going out only as a defiance to everyday monotony; and two boys cut classes at their usual spot, the rooftop, where they end up having an adult rela More.

Iki o Hisomete, Koi o

chapter 4

Kazushi and Keishi are brothers who used to have a great relationship. But everything changed when Kazushi failed an important exam. Ashamed and discouraged, he begins to avoid his family, resorting to sarcasm every time he faces his brother. But one day, while Kazushi’s taking a nap in his room, Keishi kisses him... More.

Ikoku Irokoi Romantan

vol.1 ch.5.2 : Side Story

Japanese yakuza clan heir Ranmaru just got married on a lavish cruise ship, but things aren't as they seem. The marriage is just for the appearances, and he ends up getting drunk and spending the night not with his bride but with the sexy ship captain. When the two men meet again in Italy, it is the start of a spectacular love story. More.

Iro Otoko

Vol.5 Chapter 3

From Loveless' Site: Amidst the crowds in Asakusa district, Tokyo, a young man is assaulted by a group of bandits. When a red-haired stranger comes to his rescue, Suoh falls in love at first sight, but all's fair in love and war. More.

Immoral Sandwich


Kazuomi is an omega who loves baseball and all he wants is some peace. Sucks for him though because he's too busy being f*** like a sandwich by two alphas. More.


vol.1 ch.5.5

From Blissful Sin: Track team member Kashiwagi Ayumu has put aside his secret feelings for his classmate, Shinohara Takahito. One day, his track club senpai, Sawatari Atsushi, realizes Ayumu’s feelings, and embraces Ayumu against his will in attempt to cure his own boredom. Sawatari seems cold hearted, but suddenly reveals a tenderness to the resisting Ayumu, but…?! Self Portrait (Prequel More.

Ikujinashi no Spectator

ch.7.5 : Extra End

“This belongs to me now, so don’t go touching it.” The plain and unattractive Fushimi has always been concerned about Totori, the arrogant honour student with many enemies. However, he despairs at the fact Totori can’t even remember his name. As he was planning his revenge, he’s beaten to the punch by Asahina, the infamous school bully…?! The outsider who came late can only watch on– and an unusu More.

Inu mo Kuwanai

ch.7.6 : Commuter Wife Utsugi-kun

From Yaoi Is Life: Utsugi is an investigator working for a detective agency. When he's asked to track the wife of a college professor, Yamashiro, he discovers that she's cheating on him with another professor from the same university named Okuzono Shuji. But this isn't the first time it's happened. Okuzono has stolen away the women Yamashiro loves countless times before. These intellectuals are More.

Iberiko Buta


In the Iberiko Buta series: V.1 - Iberiko Buta to Koi to Tsubaki. (Iberico Pork and Love and Camellia) Irie "Iberiko", leader of the Pigs Raging Clean Up Crew, is rumored to go on uncontrollable rampages when angered, so when Tsubaki's friends accidentally litter near the Pigs' high school and piss them off how is it that not only does Iberiko accept their explanation but also invites Tsubaki More.

I Have A Boyfriend


A campus love story that is more lovely because it's clumsy. Kang Hyeon Ho, who belongs in the university soccer team goes into a breadth class and encounters the person he went to middle school together with and was his first love, Han Gyeol. To avoid the regret of not properly conveying his feelings again, Kang Hyeon Ho approaches Han Gyeol, but after losing his parents and left in a relative More.

Ikasama Memori

chapter 3

From Girls' Generation Scanlations: Nakano, a worker at a giant Toy company, finally got to meet with his old friend from high school, Tasuda, because of a business contract. In truth, before graduating high school, Nakano realized he had feelings for Tasuda while Tasuda was dating another girl. Nakano has been trying to avoid him ever since, but that was 10 years ago. Will they be able to work t More.

Inu to no Hibi

vol.1 ch.6.5

Ryuuhei promised his father to protect Nao even though Nao is almost ten years older. Nao is almost thirty now & wants space, can Ryuuhei really give Nao space? More.

Itai ITAI itai

vol.1 ch.2

Itai Itai Itai manga is about a love triangle between High School boys, including Tachikawa Shikou, High School's Judo club president, Narumi Shusaku, member of Judo club and Ukeno Taiga, Shikou's friend and classmate. Which love will prevail? More.