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I Doll

vol.1 ch.2

Ai Morizawa is a high school freshman and a popular idol, but puts ZERO effort into her job. She only took the offer because her mother runs the company and promised to double her allowance. Being in love is so much more important than being an idol until.... More.

I Say A Little Prayer

vol.1 ch.0

Kiyoko is in a bar one day, drowning her sorrows, when she runs into a girl who used to have a crush on her in school, Ayumi. They end up hooking up. Kiyoko knows she's gay, but Ayumi has never been with another woman before. Will they manage to work things out? This oneshot is from the manga Nichiyoubi Nanka Daikirai. More.

In the Afternoon...


"In the Afternoon..." is the sequel to Konno Kita's earlier work "Nowhere to Go". Moriya's antics continue, and Miwa comes down with a cold. (from Lililicious) More.



From Iskultrip: Kaho is being bullied by another girl. One day, while walking to somewhere, she is approached by a man with a goat's head...? More.

Itsushika Kimi no Toriko

vol.1 ch.1

Title oneshot scanlated by Forever More. Walking through the park, student Aoi sees Kouki, his friend from middle school. Aoi hasn't seen him in three years, since Kouki did something terrible, then ran away. But Kouki's not through with Aoi yet... More.


vol.1 ch.0

One day, a girl was given a beautiful locket by another girl who said that it represented herself. All the girl now wants is to find the locket's creator once more, and her search leads her to Kitamoto-sensei and her Handicrafts club. However, Kitamoto-sensei seems more than reluctant to help her... [by: Anime-Planet] More.

Issho ni Dakejya

ch.0 : [Oneshot]

Noboru was really excited about the trip to the hot spring resort his miser of a boyfriend booked for them. However, it didn’t turn out the way he wanted. Will he get his happy end?Part of Canna’s volume 11 short project, The Onsen Boys Short Project. More.

In the Classroom

vol.1 ch.0 : Oneshot

Maximillian Wundt tells his classmate Elsa Himmler a story. More.

Inio-chan's Cool Japan

ch.1 : Oneshot

A webcomic written by Asano Inio and put up on Big Comic Spirit's online reader. More.

I'm Here


The 6th oneshot from Yuri Tengoku Anthology. [from Lililicious]: "I'm Here" is an extremely short story (4 pages) in which a girl returns to a place she lived in as a child and sees a childhood friend again. More.


ch.0 : [Oneshot]

Yukimine walks in on the shy theater club member Shido composing a love letter and decides to help her out. More.



Updating More.

I don't know what I don't Know


An unemployed otaku contemplates killing himself but is interrupted by an impatient angel of death. More.

Indian Summer


A story featured in the manga, Crazy Kouzu BC. When they were little, three friends, Kaya, Takashi and Hiroshi spent time with each other before fate separated them. Now two years later, they meet each other once again during one summer day. More.


ch.0 : [Oneshot]

Every night a young woman would try to end her life under the moonlight, on one night she meets a man... More.

Ikasama Umigame no Soup

vol.1 ch.0

Mock Turtle SoupA colored single-volume manga, that consists of 8 separate stories, filled with avante-garde illustrations and poems. More.

Ikinari Seitoukai


[From DokiDoki]: A short but funny manga introduction to Tsutae's new novel series. Yuuta has been sent to his grandfather's all-boy's school to save the student council from an "evil" usurper... but finds himself suddenly chosen to succeed him. More.

I Won't Let You Become a Star!


[From ShoujoMagic]: A special short story that was published in a freebie book put out in Sho-Comi, then added as an extra in the last volume of Zettai Kareshi. Chima Nagatsu, a high school sophomore, has always been able to see spirits that have died but haven't passed on yet. She also has the power to banish them. One day she gets a job from her uncle asking her to banish the spirits in an More.

Iigakari Neesan

ch.0 : [Oneshot]

The story is mainly told from a young boy's point of view, who's older sister spends all day falsely accusing anyone and everyone of anything and everything. When she finally finds a job at a department store, she doesn't only accuse customers but also feels falsely accused by them... More.

Ika Musume


(C81) [Kacchuu Musume] Chinese Figure Four Lock (Various)Pg 12-15 Untitled Ika-Musume short by Dowman Sayman(C81) [甲冑娘] 中華風4の字固め (よろず)Multiple translations exist.Anonymous (/a/) Translation: (LWB) Translation: Translations: More.

I Am Alive


A one-shot comic about a boy and his pencil. Original Webcomic: More.