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Perversion is Just a Part of Love

chapter 29

Your face is what I most wish to watch over by your side. More.

Blueprints for a Girl

chapter 3

• Shounen • Wicca More.

Notice of Game Service Termination

chapter 48

A short Zombie Girl x Girl oneshot. More.

I Want Her Flower

chapter 4

As the two with opposite personalities get closer, a love story starts. More.

Crepe Panic!

chapter 23

Updating More.

Ama + Devi

chapter 1

Updating More.

Ameiro Kouchakan Kandan

vol.2 chapter 16.5 : A Day at the Amber Teahouse

Set at a shop called The Amber Teahouse, this is a very heartwarming story that focuses on Seriho, the proprietor of the teahouse, and Sarasa, the high school student who works there part-time. It'll set your heart aflutter! More.

Uso de Ii node

chapter 1

Comitia119 doujinshi More.

Konohanatei Kitan

vol.2 chapter 0

Set in a village inhabited by Youkai, Konohanatei Kitan presents the lives of several fox mononoke working in a hot spring inn. The stories revolve around a new employee, Yuzu. Yuzu had always been living in the mountains, but now has to adjust to a new life working in a high class inn. She is oblivious and clumsy at first, but with her simple cuteness, she is able to get along with all the other More.

Nanashi no Asterism

vol.5 chapter 23 : Secret (END)

First day of junior high school life, she met her first love. Vowing to hide that feeling that she has in her heart, Shiratori Tsubasa became friends with Kotooka Mikage and Washio Nadeshiko. But what happens when she finds her crush leaning in over another girl? A painful swing between friendship and love, so begins this pure heart love story. More.

Hakodate Youjin Buraichou Himegami

vol.5 chapter 20b : Successor [continuation] [End]

During the beginning of the Meiji Era, a strategic town in the North, Hakodate, has become the nesting ground of mysterious monsters known as “youjin”. It seems the world’s Great Powers are pulling the strings of the youjin. Hyou, a 15 year old girl has been fighting the youjin alone up until now under the guise of the master samurai “Miburo”. One evening, as Hyou was fighting for her life, she More.

Akaneiro no Kisu wa Okujou de

ch.7 : Madder Memory

A collection of stories: • Hot Gaze in the Cold Weather • The Love Relationship between Mai-chan and Ecchan • Madder Memory More.

Wings of Dawn

ch.10 : Office Lady Akagi-san and High-schooler Shoukaku-san

A very cute alternate reality story about these two aircraft carriers. More.

Saitei Megami

ch.7 : Reversible

1. Saitei Megami2. ReversalA high school girl tries out being a prostitute. She ends up being surprised as her first client turns out to be a girl.3. Water Depth4. Tropical RirionFrom Hot Cakes:A tale of two girls torn between following the laws of their tribe or their hearts...5. Okaerinasai no Tsukuri kata 6. Platinum Sunday 7. Reversible More.