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Yanki-kun to Megane-chan

vol.23 chapter 212 : Epilogue

The story starts with a seemingly unassuming class rep Adachi Hana who has taken an interest in the school's known delinquent, Shinagawa Daichi. Just what is her reason for following Daichi and wanting him to go on the class field trip? More.

Yokubari na Bokura

chapter 1 : Oneshot

From The Zero Alliance: As a child, Ichinose was given whatever he wanted. Now it's his dream to take over his father's company, but Ichinose's father believes that he is too selfish to manage the company. When Tsubasa takes the last pudding at the cafeteria, and won't let Ichinose have it, no matter how much money he offers her, Ichinose asks Tsubasa to help him become less of a selfish person More.


ch.0 : Oneshot

Updating More.

Yome ga Kore na Monde.

ch.11.4 : Asora is a fifth grader [END]

A sitcom about an ordinary man and his alien wife. More.

Yume no You na Hanashi

vol.1 ch.4

Kanou is in love with one of his employees, the handsome Sawamura, who is really nice and popular. But Kanou is used to having bad luck in love, so he decides to hold back his feelings... But during a drunken night, events take a surprising turn... And Kanou realizes that the Sawamura he imagined, may be very different from reality... More.

Yuri Mekuru Hibi

chapter 19

A chance meeting blossomed to love between two girls. But it’s quite a peculiar couple: Sayuri is ordinary in every way, while her love interest, Yoriko, is a refined lady who seems to be completely lacking in common sense. Graceful attraction between two very different personalities, a sweet and slightly dazzling love story. More.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium World

vol.8 ch.66 : TRANSCEND GAME PART 1

This is a continuation of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! series and contains the Egypt arc. Originally just called Yu-Gi-Oh!, Viz renamed it to its current name. From the 1st Volume Cover: The final Yu-Gi-Oh! story! After hundreds of battles, Yugi has finally gathered all the Egyptian God Cards... the key to unlocking his memories of his past life as an Egyptian pharaoh. When Ryo Bakura gives him the Mill More.

Yasaotoko to Sadistic

ch.7 : Epilogue [End]

A story about a stalker and the object of his affection. More.

Yami ni Tooboe, Mune ni Toge

vol.1 ch.5

In the midst of several youkai characters with tremendous manifestations juggles a handsome 17-year-old Norito whose fate is tied to that of Tengu Koma's who, in turn, does his best to protect his younger human lover against the dark forces that seem to haunt him day in, day out. More.

Yappari Idol

vol.1 ch.0

Young idol is a lesbian, so gropes and kisses another idol. More.

Yarashii Hirusagari

vol.1 ch.7 : Spinning world

Compilation of 7 short stories 1)Love affair in the afternoon College student takes over a tutoring job for the friend he has a crush on. 2) I don't mind it if you are a man College students/neighbors are (only?) sex friends. 3)Love's worries Ex-lovers from their student days are reunited. 4)Kana and patience Divorced man cheats on his new lover. 5)Why there is no ice beer Youn More.

Yarisugi Companion to Atashi Monogatari

vol.1 ch.12 : Final Companion

This is the story of Shizuka, a beautiful young lady, and Yarisu, her overboard companion. The two of them get hired to work as hot spring companions, entertaining customers and keeping them company, with absolutely no sex involved. Or almost. More.


vol.2 ch.10.2 : Extra 2 - A Lover's Relationship

The story focuses on Kusanagi Sou -- a motorcyle racing enthusiast. Although enthusiast may be too soft a word. The boy is obsessed. One day Fuwa stumbles across him sleeping outside the school with bike magazines piled around. He strikes up a friendship in order to stay close to Kusanagi, and pretends that he knows all about bikes. More.

Yoiko no Sumu Machi

vol.1 ch.6 : The Town in Which Good Children Live :Yoiko no Tsumu Machi

1) Fevered Glance or Heated Look (Netsu Shisen)- High school playboy Tsuji can't understand why his best friend Mitsuse turns down girl after girll. When Mitsuse admits to having a crush on a male classmate, Tsuji is floored. Will he ever be able to look at his friend the same way again? 2) Piercing the Heart With a Kiss (Heart wo Kiss de Sasu) Continuation of one. 3) XY - We'll Go to the More.

Yojouhan Sweet Home

vol.1 ch.5 : Northmen

Series of short stories revolving around a poor builder and a wealthy proprieter, including: 1) Sweet Home- Mizuho is living on the edge of poverty in a 4.5 tatami mat room (7.5 square meters) due to his family's debt. One day he collapsed from hunger and is carried home by his unruly coworker Yae-san. Is the willful Yae truly what he appears to be? 2) Sweet Prisoner- A misunderstanding lead More.

Yokubou Shounen

vol.1 ch.5 : Drowning in Love (Oboreru Kankei)

Consists of a collection of oneshots: 1) A Desire Boy (Yokubou Shounen) Shinobu Uesugi lives with his mother and two sisters, lacking any kind of male role model. At the age of seven, his family moves into an apartment complex and becomes neighbors with Saguru Matsunae. Saguru soon becomes Shinobu's 'onii-san' that he goes to for advice throughout the years. Shinobu, now seventeen, is cluele More.

Yome ni Konai ka

vol.1 ch.6

Vol. 1 Keigo is single and one day mentions that it would be nice to have a wife to greet him when he returned home. That day he comes home to be greeted by a smiling man welcoming him home, and the man says that he will be Keigo's wife! More.

Yomeiro Choice

vol.6 ch.41 : Final Chapter: "Love & Existence"

Saku had a normal life, living with his cousin Kuran and being tormented daily by his childhood friend, Karin. That is, until the day a girl named Kiiro showed up out of nowhere claiming to be Karin's and Saku's daughter from the future. Convinced she will disappear from existence unless Saku and Karin get married, she makes life a lot more complicated for everyone. Things only get crazier when Hi More.

Yoru Cafe. - My Sweet Knights

vol.3 ch.15 : A Wish for the Future

At 23 years old, Hina Takato inherited a café and the workers in it from her deceased husband. Although he was much older than her, she loved him a great deal and has vowed to never fall in love again... only, she does. More.

Yotteke! Otoko Mura

vol.1 ch.4

From Nagareboshi Manga: Otome Arisugawa has always hated boys. Her life is made worse when her father suddenly takes her away to Otoko Mura, a village with a 98% male population! If that wasn't enough, she's supposed to pick one of the residents to be her fiancé?! More.

You're Lovelier Than a Rose

vol.0 ch.0

The 8th oneshot from Yuri Tengoku Anthology. [From Lililicious]: You're Lovelier Than a Rose is a parody about an all-girls school with an underground student council that's a bit... unusual. It makes a few funny references, to things like Marimite and Takarazuka More.

Your Cuteness

vol.1 ch.6 : A Lunch Made With Love

This is about a boyish girl who doesn't think she's cute, and her love interest, who does. More.


vol.7 ch.59 : Battle 59: Millennium Enemy 10: The Last Dice Roll

Yu-Gi-Oh! ("Game King") is a Japanese manga series about gambling composed and illustrated by Kazuki Takahashi. It was serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine between March 8, 2004 and September 30, 1996. The storyline follows the narrative of a boy named Yugi Mutou, who solves the Millennium Puzzle that is early, and awakens a gaming alterego within his More.