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Blueprints for a Girl

chapter 3

• Shounen • Wicca More.

Bishounen (KAIBARA Shijimi)

chapter 1 : Oneshot

A boy who is prettier than a girl. Don’t destroy me with your gorgeous face. More.

Black Blood Brothers ver.C

vol.1 chapter 12

These are side stories that take place after the Black Blood Brothers anime timeline. More.

Bokura ga Koi wo Ushinau Riyuu

vol.1 chapter 6.1

“If you’re okay with me, you can use me.” Oushirou has held years of unrequited feelings for his childhood friend Koba. One day, he’s drinking in a bar, when a man named Inamura chats him up. He’s suspicious by Inamura’s loose personality, but suffering from his unrequited love, Oushirou looks to his kind and easy-going hands for help. A bittersweet love triangle between a mysterious, More.

Blue Phobia

chapter 0 : One Shot

Winner of Shinman GP 2017. More.

Babel no Toshokan

chapter 10 [End]

Meet Watase, an awkward teen with an unusual power over the written word. One day he uses that power to do something impossible, which draws the attention of Aiba, a girl he finds interesting. But Aiba lives in a secret world of her own devising, believing that the world around her is a lie. And so Watase More.

Blind Love

chapter 1

Shou, the son of a gang member who is the right hand man of Taiki, the gang leader's son. On the way back from his high school entrance celebration, Shou runs into his long-time crush, Kunie, Taiki's cousin. Shou goes to Kunie's home on his request, but once there, Kunie asks him to become his. Shou refuses because of his allegiance to Taiki, but Kunie drugs Shou's drink and takes advantage of him More.

Blood in the Field

chapter 0 : [Oneshot]

A strange act by a young girl leads a boy to learn about the world and adulthood. More.

Blood Bank

chapter 61 - END

A world where vampire govern humans! Welcome to Blood Bank, it's filled with fresh blood. One is a hard-working banker and isn't affected by vampire pheromones. One day, Shell, the son of an overlord comes to visit for inspection. During One's report, Shell keeps staring at One. And later... follows him to the toilet! Original Webtoon More.


vol.1 ch.1 : A Haunted House

From Doko Demo Doa Manga Scanlations: Kawaru is a typical ordinary elementary school boy until the day he enters into a More.

Birthday of Love

ch.0 : One shot

A short and sweet one shot celebrating the birth of love between this girl and her crush. More.

Boku wa Anata ni Koi o Suru

ch.1 : Oneshot

Misaki works for an IT company and admires his hard working boss. He gets nervous when they visit company he had quit before. Is he keeping some secret? More.

Binetsu Shuukan

vol.1 ch.6 : Kisu no Ame ni Utarete (Defeated in a Rain of Kisses)

all but the last story/chapter is about the same couple 1) Binetsu Shuukan (Week of Mild Fever) - Wakui is a senior staff in the company who looks out for Asano. The moment he saw the handsome Wakui's naked body, Asano's heat welled up within him. The pride of someone older, the seduction of it. The heated heart that desires to monopolize... the love that wants to be stripped bare. A fever tha More.


vol.5 chapter 1 : ch17-20 (Fixed)

Set several decades after the events in the popular Blood: The Last Vampire anime film, an amnesiac Saya Otonashi lives as a seemingly normal high school student with her adoptive family in Okinawa. Horrible nightmares are the only hints at the violent life she once led, but her past is about to catch up with her and awaken the merciless warrior within. Chiropterans--powerful shape-changing creatu More.

Bugs (Zaodao)


A day in the life of a girl and some bugs. More.



A day in the life of a girl and some bugs.Artist's Blog: Manhua: More.

Boys be Zombitious

ch.0 : Oneshot

The same author of Blood Lad.In a zombie apocalypse, he looks for a perfect death in the arms of a beautiful zombie girl... More.


ch.1 : Oneshot

A cute and sugary oneshot of a gyaru chasing a guy. More.

Bitter - Kare no Hisoyaka na Seppun


This story revolves around Hasunobe Yoshinari's (Sweet - Ano Amai Amai Aji) older brother. For Hasunobe Yoshitomo, co-heir and general manager of the first-class Royal Fort hotel chain, life is pretty sweet. The only bitter pill is dealing with the rival hotel chain that recently opened nearby. However, things start to look up when he escorts a beautiful drunken guest back to his room, but who is More.

Boku no Ano Ko

ch.5 : Unexpected Love (YUZUYA Haruhi)

Amakura Chigusa has been engaged to Aki-chan since he was very young, and he’s been looking forward to marrying her his entire life, doing everything he can to become a man worthy of such a great bride as his Aki-chan. Unfortunately—he’s never met her, as their parents agreed not to let their children meet one another until they were both 16 years old. But when Aki-chan’s parents move abroad for w More.


ch.0 : Oneshot

Updating More.