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Chick Bomb

chapter 1

A girl harboring feelings for her childhood friend receives some help from little balls of fluff... For better or for worse. More.

Christmas Candy

chapter 1 : One Shot

A miracle happened for Christmas… More.

Crepe Panic!

chapter 23

Updating More.

Coming Out Note

chapter 1 : Coming Out Declaration

After failing the first blind date in his life, Oh Do-Kyung calls the friend who arranged the date. He's in the bathroom. During their conversation, his friend says something which angers Do-Kyung, which leads him to accidentally shouting his secret. His secret is that he is gay. To his shock, he realizes that there are other people in the bathroom: friends from his college department and even a s More.


vol.5 chapter 24 : Special Bonus

After being accepted by the Melite Conservatory of Music, Taki Ren, travels all the way to the City of Music, Vienna, to fulfill her dream of becoming a composer. However, there’s one problem: Melite is an all-boy’s school! So yes, imagine 8 of your favourite classical composers as handsome young men who are all around the same age, and all in the same country, at the same time, studying in the More.

Children Can't Choose Their Parents

chapter 1 : Oneshot

[From ShoujoMagic]: A haunting story about a man and his chicken. You will never look at an egg the same way again after reading this story! This story involves bestiality--tastefully rendered. More.


chapter 0 : [Oneshot]

From the author of Dungeon Meshi comes a oneshot about a teacher as she talks to her class about the dangers of disclosing one's personal information on the internet. More.

Complex Age

vol.1 chapter 2 : n.2

Oneshot: Unknownst to her coworkers, Sawako, 34 years old and in her second year of marriage, has the hobby of wearing gothic lolita clothes. She had always kept it as her hobby, but as the years pass by, she begins to notice the pleasure she derives from those clothes waning... More.


chapter 4

Friend's girlfriend, YoonHee, that's how it all started More.


vol.4 chapter 23

Companion is about the people who escort you from purgatory into the world of the dead. After you die you must go through your personal gate into the world of the dead, and companions are the ones who lead you there. More.

Calling (HORI Mai)

ch.1 : Oneshot

Akari has always lived in the shadow of Yuka, her older sister: less athletic, less smart, less beautiful. When she gets a call from a popular boy in her high school confessing his feelings to her sister, she goes along with the ruse of pretending to be Yuka because she feels bad about turning him down. More.

Choco Strawberry Vanilla

ch.6.7 : Lucky Pervert

From Yaoi Is Life: Hiroi always shared what he liked, things and people alike, with his childhood friend Take. Take always returned Hiroi's affections. Mine, who because of his deep love for Hiroi, accepts both of them. The relationship of these three classmates was in a good balance, but because of a subtle change in their feelings, this balance slowly gets unhinged...?! 3 Extras for the ma More.

Concierge no Koibito

chapter 2 : My First Lost Love

Hinata has never had any experience with love for his 19 years of existence, and finally manages to snatch a date with the help of a classmate. With no experience with girls, Hinata asks help from his best friend, Yuuma, who seems to have had many experience with girls, who in turn teaches him how to seduce a girl, but then, something happens? More.

Cotton no Mahou


A down-on-her-luck witch comes home for tea. More.

Chirei de Jou


Translations by Gaku Gaku Animal Land! More.

Cover Story


Updating More.

Cutey Honey

vol.1 chapter 3 : Final Chapter

Honey Kisaragi is a normal catholic schoolgirl. That is, until her father was murdered by the Panther Claws who were seeking the Airbourne Elemental Fixation Device. She then finds out that she is actually an android created by him with the Airbourne Elemental Fixation Device within her. She is now trying to live a life as a normal schoolgirl and seeking revenge against Panther Claw. More.

Crossover Love


Updating More.