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Fairy Tail

chapter 545 : End - Irreplaceable Friends

Fairy tail Manga Kingdom of Fiore - is a world where magic is commonplace. In this realm there are many wizards that come together in a variety of guilds to share with other wizards perform heavy jobs, get paid for it and raise a celebrity himself and the guild. More.

Free Kisses

chapter 4 : ch4+extra

In junior high, Aikou had a crush on his tutor that ended badly. Now in high school, he's joined a "kiss club" at a local bar to try and relearn about love starting with the basics. While holding up a "free kisses" sign in the park one day, he's spotted by Eisuke, a boy from his school. Intrigued by Aikou's sign, Eisuke impulsively kisses him. Could this kiss be Aikou's chance to start over? More.


chapter 1 : Freaks One-shot

One-shot. Published on Jump SQ Crown 2016 More.

Family Compo

vol.14 chapter 102 : Last Day - END

From here: Just before entering university, Yanagiba Masahiko's father died in a car accident. His mother died when he was two, which makes him now really an orphan. But even before the death of his father he didn't have a family life, his father being busy or abroad. When his mother's younger brother and his wife decide to invite him to live with their family, his life takes a turn. But it is More.

Furenai Koibito

chapter 0 : Oneshot

Youko has a protector in Shige-san. He has guided her, helped her, and always maintained a respectful propriety since she was a little girl. The difficulty is that Shige-san is a ghost, a poltergeist who only communicates with her by throwing small rocks to signal his disagreement or to show her what to do. But now that Youko is beginning to feel the first stirrings of young love, will Shige-sa More.

Fumetsu no Hana

ch.15 : The Two Monsters

A collection of short stories. The title story: Moriki Naoya is a thoughtful, frail child, left behind as the world moved on. One summer in high school, he meets Takahashi, a boy who lost his dreams. As the summer moves on, Naoya must either move with it, or let the world pass him by again... More.

Flawless - Yakushiji Ryouko no Kaiki Jikenbo Illustration Shuu

ch.1 : Encounter

Artbook by the Mangaka of Vampire Princess Miyu and Kung-Fu Girl Juline. More.

Futouhen Sankakkei no Teiri


A rental store employee has a surprise waiting for him upon taken an customer home. More.

Furueru mune no


Updating More.

Futari ni Totte no Hatsutaiken

ch.1 : Oneshot

Continuation of Kon-Kit's multi-work series; "Suicide Man." Related Chapter: Sexual Excitement Arrowhead, Suicide Man's Beach More.

Fuson na Hana o Aisureba

ch.5 : End

Collection of stories: 1. If you Love an Arrogant Flower (1,2) Kazuma, the unruly eldest son at a prestigious dry-goods store, dotes on Koutarou, the son of his father's mistress who was welcomed into the main house after the death of the latter's mother. But Koutarou rejected his confession and slipped through his hands. Then Kazuma is suddently attacked by the accomplished and serious second More.

First Thing I Do When I Wake Up.

vol.1 ch.2 : First Thing I Do When I Wake Up(Okite Saisho ni Suru Koto wa ) 2

I want you to touch me. I want us to have sex. I want you to like me. I want you to love me. As a brother, and not as a brother. Shimura's contribution to the Fubin BL anthology. More.

Fukigen Cinderella

vol.3 ch.23.5 : v03 omake

Kanna Haruhiko (male), for reasons unknown to him, was suddenly turned into a girl. He returned to his male form some time afterwards, but with the continuing cycles between turning into a girl and then back to being a guy, he is bewildered by the differences in both physical aspects and ways to communicate with other people. Plus the abrupt changes that happen to his relationship with other More.



Updating More.



A fierce love triangle forms between a family man's wife and his son's school homeroom teacher, who's a really handsome and ri.. I mean, the story of a father who can't reveal his true self to his family, and his struggle to protect his family from the shadows. Webtoon from Naver More.


ch.1 : Worlds Collide!!

A comic prequel, co-written by Matthew Schwartz and Megas XLR co-creator George Krstic, entitled FusionFall: Worlds Collide!!, was passed out during Comic Con '07. Due to the overwhelming success of the comic, George Krstic is in talks to write a script for a FusionFall feature based on the comic to accompany the game's launch. It covers the events leading up to the start of the game. More.


ch.103 : v.3 c.Epilogue (end)

In this world, every child is born under a god. Some gods are weaker than others. Some gods are stronger than others. Children born under weaker gods become defunct in society, and cannot attend high school. Instead, they must get jobs after middle school. High school in this world is a place that trains students to use their stronger gods. They have one thing in common : They can grant wishes if More.


vol.2 chapter Extra : [End]

[Taken from FantasyShrine] : Youhei immediately fell in love with the actor on the late night advertisement, Satomi. After going through some random events, they became lovers. However, how will these two love birds face the upcoming events which involves costumes, a manager, a stalker and maybe an old crush!? Another enjoyable series by Yamato Nase, full of romance and humour!!! More.