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Ikumen After

chapter 11

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Infinite Stratos

vol.5 chapter 26 : Thin Red Line 1

Students are trained in the Infinite Stratos academy to pilot the weapon system IS (Infinite Stratos). Although it is believed that only females have the ability to operate the IS, there is one man who can. His name is Orimura Ichika. More.

I Heard the Sound of Flowers Blooming Next Door

chapter 6 : Extra

From: Fujoshi Bitches "Sensei, an impure same-sex friendship, what's that?" Love. It comes all of a sudden even to delinquents. A pint-sized punk is fascinated by the earnestness of the black-haired, pessimistic committee chairman; two punks start going out only as a defiance to everyday monotony; and two boys cut classes at their usual spot, the rooftop, where they end up having an adult rela More.

I Want Her Flower

chapter 4

As the two with opposite personalities get closer, a love story starts. More.

Irony Dress ni Sayonara

chapter 5.5 : End

From Fujoshi Bitches: A shriek was heard as a sailor uniform skirt fluttered, and Meguru thought himself a lucky perv till he caught a glimpse of... a guy's boxer shorts? "Quit staring, old fart!" By chance, he ended up inviting the high school boy in girl's uniform, Keiichi, to his place with the mystery of why he wears that uniform still unsolved. Unwittingly, however, Meguru discovere More.

Imasara Fantasy

chapter 1

When given a magic lamp, 37-year-old Tohru Sugamo wishes for his childhood dream to come true and gains all the powers he thought up once upon a time as a wannabe novelist, but it turns out an eighth grader's ideas aren't the most original - or the kinds of things you'd want causing havoc in your married life. More.

Ichigeki Sacchu!! Hoihoi-san

vol.1 ch.1 : A Struggle to the Death in 90 meters

From Infinity Studios: With the invention of the automatic vacuum robot and the time-set video recording devices, what is the next breakthrough in home appliances? Why that would be cute female mini-robots that kill bugs of course! In Ichigeki Sacchu!! HoiHoi-san, a corporation in this alternate universe has created such a pest control agent and it’s the hottest selling item ever. Journey along w More.

Ii Mon Waru Mon


From [Fujoshi Bitches] Narasaki Naoto was born into a family of thieves. After committing a marriage scam, he is arrested and taken to the upscale apartment of elite detective, Oogaki Kaoru. “I became a detective in order to distort that pretty face of yours.” As the good-looking Kaoru with a stalker tendency calmly says that, Naoto slowly warms up to him as their peculiar living arrangement st More.

Inu mo Kuwanai

ch.7.6 : Commuter Wife Utsugi-kun

From Yaoi Is Life: Utsugi is an investigator working for a detective agency. When he's asked to track the wife of a college professor, Yamashiro, he discovers that she's cheating on him with another professor from the same university named Okuzono Shuji. But this isn't the first time it's happened. Okuzono has stolen away the women Yamashiro loves countless times before. These intellectuals are More.

Iya da nante Iwasenai

vol.2 ch.10

Anzu currently works part-time at a beach house however when it comes to serving male customers, she can't help but be cold and shy. When she accidentally spills a drink on one of them, a male co-worker saves her who ends up being her childhood friend Rei. Anzu is happy to reconnect with Rei, however, Rei might be after a bit more...? More.

Imouto ga Dekimashita.

ch.2 : Graduation Day

Azusa-chan's mother remarried and Azusa is worried about whether or not her new younger sister will like her. More.

I Hate


Hiro’s construction company has assigned him to assist in renovating a host club. But there he meets a familiar face, the source of his past trauma and present misery. More.

It's all your fault

ch.1 : [Oneshot]

A one shot about a love triangle between a couple and a childhood friend. More.

Itoshikute Nikui Hito

ch.7 : Rule

from fictiondb: Elinor Lucinda Smith knew it would be difficult to stay calm and professional while nursing Jason Tenby back to health; he was used to calling the shots. Also, she couldn't forget the time years ago when Jason had kissed her passionately... She'd never forgiven Jason for the trouble it had caused. But now he was injured and temporarily blind. For his sake she must keep her identit More.


ch.2 : 2 Woof: The First Step

The story starts when are main character tells his boss that his five puppies are cute. Little did he know that he would end up raising them! More.

Irrational Us


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Itou-san (KURAKA Sui)

chapter Extra : Itou-san Parallel World

Every Tuesday night, a mysterious man named “Ito” visits Kyosuke, who is a prostitute, and talks to him about silly things until dawn. One day, he brings a briefcase full of money and tries to give it to Kyosuke, telling him that he wants him to quit his job and do something he truly wants to do, however… Kuraka Sui brings forth a beautiful, dark story revolving around the gunsmoke and blood of More.