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Manyeo Sanyang

chapter 7

From LINE Webtoon: At the first day of his school, Gamin saw something that he shouldn't have seen and from that day, his previously witch-less life became double double toiled and troubled. Original Webtoon / English Version by Naver More.


Vol.3 Chapter 18

Midnight is the story of a taxi driver named Shinya Mito (whose name is literally Japanese for "mid" and "night") and his various passengers, each of whom he helps in various ways. Shinya drives a taxi as a way to earn money for the treatment of a young woman named Mari, whose brain was injured sometime earlier as the result of an accident Shinya was responsible for causing. The taxi Shinya drives More.

Miwaku Shikake - Amai Wana

chapter 6 : Extra

Amami’s a low-man on the totem pole at a tiny start-up firm—and his superior Hachidori really seems to have it out for him. They’ve got history themselves, which helps nothing, but one evening, Amami learns Hachidori’s deepest, darkest secret…which tilts his impression of the guy on its head. More.

Mayonaka no Waltz

chapter 1 : Oneshot

A girl makes the acquaintance of a monstrous creature who believes himself to be quite human. More.

Ma no Kakera

chapter 30

The prince of horror manga, Junji Itou, has released a new horror collection after 8 years of writing. It includes 7 stand-alone stories that are featured in [Nemuki+] and an additional story, Whispering Woman that was published in [Shikan]. This is one book that cannot be missed! Collection includes: Futon Haunted Wood Mansion Tomio: Red Turtleneck Lingering Farewell Dissection Girl Blac More.

Me and the Devil Blues

vol.5 chapter 32 : Hell Hound On My Trail (11)

Robert Johnson did not invent the blues, he merely refined it with such skill that he became the most famous and influential delta blues singer in history. There is a well-known legend he gained his skill by selling his soul to the Devil at a lonesome crossroads late at night. This manga is an account of his life that doesn't intend to be historically accurate. Note - This series was discontinu More.

Mazinkaiser vs Shin Getter Robot

chapter 1

Crossover one-shot between Mazinkaiser and Shin Getter Robo. It was included in Immortal Super Robot Encyclopedia (不滅のスーパー� ボット大全). The manga begins with the Mazinger Z and Great Mazinger fighting against an alien machine after the Diana A and Venus A have been taken down. More.

Mizugi no Sekai

vol.1 chapter 22

A bunch of school kids live in a world where people wear swimsuits all the time, as everyday clothing. More.


chapter 1 : Oneshot

From Lovely Strange Dark: A woman wakes up to a mysterious mitten on her table — and being suddenly left-handed. More.

My Little Noir

chapter 1

Zut alors! Minette has lost her precious cat Noir! Her parents are busy, so she must find him on her own! More.

Me o Tojite 3-Byou

chapter 6.5 : Extra

Chibana Manabu has a habit of closing his eyes and counting to three whenever he finds himself stressed out, whether it's about his drag-queen father or the feelings he's harboring for his childhood friend. Kaji Hiroto is carefree and enjoying his days with Chibana, hoping they'll last forever and maybe even turn into something even more eternal. But lack of communication and a fear of rejection c More.

Making Love Like Newlyweds

vol.1 chapter 0

For his boyfriend's birthday, Chiyoki agrees to play 'newlyweds.' However, the cos in this cosplay turns out to be an apron - and nothing else. (from Liquid Passion) More.

Melo Holic

chapter 73 - END

"Do you have experience in love?" A Korean Webtoon from Naver It's about a guy who's basically clueless about love and views it with a pessimistic attitude who can also read minds by touching peoples bare skin... More.

Mahoroba no Hibi

chapter 6 : End

Taka is depressed over the loss of his cat, and his best friend Tetsu is at a loss as to what he can do to make things return to normal. Then he meets Hana, a ditzy but adorable "Denpa Onna"... More.

Maria (Kero)

chapter 0

When Maria lost her job and isn't able to pay her rent on time, she doesn't have any other way to earn money. She then agrees to make a deal with the CEO's son for money. More.

Me wo sametara onnanoko ni natteita byou

chapter 1

A boy wakes up to discover he has become a girl! How will this affect his daily life?! A new one-shot by the award-winning author of Fire Punch, Fujimoto Tatsuki. More.

Milk Cake in the Reflection

chapter 0 : One-shot

Everyday a boy goes to a cafe to watch the girl he likes from afar. Using the reflection in the window, he orders the same things she orders and eats it the same way she eats it. Hoping to learn as much about her as he can, he works up the courage to confess. More.

Melting Summer

chapter 0 : One Shot

A kiss in the summer changes the relationship between two childhood friends. More.

My Friend Lage


A quirky children's book by one of the most famous Swedish contemporary authors of children's litterature, Eva Lindström.From the cover:I saw him on a nature show on the TV. Then we met outside the supermarket.His bag was broken.I got to help him home with his things.For a while he worked with drilling holes but it didn’t interest him so he quit.Lage is his name. We are friends.The book was m More.

Momo Lover

vol.2 chapter 15

Chieri (Cherry) was living an ordinary life, until her sister Ichigo (Strawberry) suddenly left her child Momo (Peach) on Chieri's doorstep. Momo is an infant; how is Chieri supposed to take care of a baby while still in high school!? To make matters even more frustrating, two guys are fighting for Chieri's love...!? More.