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Oeufs D'ange

vol.1 chapter 1

A short but sweet oneshot about an artist and her portrait model. More.

Oyasumi Darling

vol.1 chapter 18

There's mostly short stories in this book but its worth reading and owning it from Aries 1)Student Kaname just wants to have fun, but his parents won't let him goof off. Staying away from home till they calm down, he barges in on Detective Shiba, a reluctant host who has insomnia. But when Kaname snuggles up to him, Shiba can't keep his eyes open. 2)High school student Rin has horrible tast More.

Omoi no Kakera

chapter 15.6 : Dear Heart

Mika, a high school student, has no doubts that she is a lesbian, few people around her know that though. She works at a cafe admiring the owner (she only has a thing for older women after all) and visits bars in the gay district. This story presents her life in pieces: from acquiring a surprising friend to helping a married woman discover herself and experiencing disheartening early love. All the More.

Ote o Haishaku

vol.1 chapter 5 : Final Touch - END

At the library, Arimura Satoshi, a man who has a severe hand fetish, accidentally touches the hands of a fellow student in the craft department. They're his "ideal hands," so he takes it as destiny. Taking pictures, drawing, and sketching, he goes to visit Yuasa (his hands) everyday. Although he finds him annoying, Yuasa understands the pure feelings Arimura has towards his creations and allows More.

Otokokemono desu!

chapter 6.5 : Extra (end)

Competent president Kurokawa is hard to approach because of his fearsome demeanor. But the home delivery worker who brings parcels, Sawada-kun, with his angelic smile, is a soothing existence -- he greets Kurokawa with a fearless "Hi there!". Thinking that he wants to somehow get closer to Sawada-kun, what does the president courageously resolve to do!? A hopeless, wild idea, with a sharp glint in More.

Otouto ja Irarenai!!

vol.1 chapter 7 : Extra [End]

Kai loves his stepbrother Riku from the bottom of his heart. However, Riku treasures “the bonds of siblinghood” more than anything, so Kai must hide his feelings and instead act as a “good brother”… but skinship no longer satisfies him anymore! More.

Osmotic Pressure

chapter 0 : [Oneshot]

A short slice of a young person's life, on the edge of growing up. More.

Okuman Chouja no Kakehiki

ch.3 : End

PREGNANT BY THE MILLIONAIRE Hebe secretly admires, Nick, her boss at the art gallery where she works in London. She spends a passionate night with him, but her happiness ends the next morning. Nick throws her away, saying, "I would never have expected you were a mistress of Andrew Southern!" Nick shows the stunned Hebe a painting by a legendary artist, Andrew Southern—a portrait of a woman with More.

Oinari-sama no Yome

ch.1 : Oneshot

One day the Shiragami Temple God wants to find a bride to secure the next guardian of the temple. But he does the spell on the wrong person… causing him a terrible confusion and anger. More.

Onani Master Kurosawa

vol.4 ch.31.5 : Epilogue Omake 4koma

"Onani" means masturbation. And that's what this guy is good at. Every day after school, he sneaks into the mostly unused girls bathroom on the 3rd floor, and masturbates. Until one day when he's caught... This is a story of mistakes, redemption, and the choices made in between. It contains the very worst and best of the human condition. More.

Ookami to Hitsuji


Kouta turned his back on his powers when he realized how different he was. Then one day he meets someone who loves magic... More.

Ookami Ningen to Ningen Ookami


A man-wolf takes in a wild child. More.



An extraordinary day of spaceknight_99. More.

Offside Trap

ch.1 : There Are 11!

A series in Young Magazine the 3rd, where authors write the 100th chapter of a series without writing chapters 1-99 first.Ashida Isami is the star player of the Kota High Soccer Club, and childhood friends with its manager, Kaneda Chiyo. Just as his teammates go missing, his mysterious rival recovers from an injury... More.

Owatte miru no mo Warukunai

ch.0 : Oneshot

Boys chase after the popular girl, Nao (with big breasts), but Nao has only ever had her eyes on her childhood friend—Akio.Depending on Akio, her first love could be a sweet story, or simply a prologue to a new beginning. More.

Ore wa Senpai no Nan Nan Desu ka?!


A boy with a troubled face and a cheeky senpai who does not remember him.. More.