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Umi no Mukou, Tsuki no Uragawa

chapter 1

The story of two small-town high school boys and best friends, both striving to escape from their suffocating lives in the close-minded hamlet. More.


chapter 17 : Never Give Up, Fight On, and Stay Victorious! - END

Year 2036, Japan is under the adult party power and make children's life miserable. But for "rebelious-edgy-teenager-with-funny-scar" Kudo Eiji, It doesn't matter because he has his childhood friend Akari to cheer his everyday life. For Eiji, Akari is his emontional mainstay. Someone that can make him calm. But then, one day adult party decide took Akari and transfer her to another school. It emo More.

Uso de Ii node

chapter 1

Comitia119 doujinshi More.

Until Death Do Us Part

vol.26 chapter 214 - END

A lass, Haruka Toyama, is kidnapped by representatives of a corporation named EX-STRONG as a result of her precognition skills. She quickly finds refuge using a guy named Hijikata Mamoru ex- inmate and kendoka who's expert in using a katana, and urgently runs down him in the road. Upon assembly, Haruka informed Hijikata to shield her "Until Death Do Us Part." Supporting the condition More.

Umi no Misaki

chapter 127 : Touching Finale - END

Goto Nagi has traveled to the southern island of Okitsushima, and ventures out to see Umi no Misaki, a striking cape jutting out into the ocean. But when he arrives, he finds that there is much more to this cape than a wondrous view. There is something peculiar about the cape, and about the island's inhabitants. More.

Urusei Yatsura

vol.15 chapter 366 : [End]

What would you do if a tiger skin bikini-clad alien followed you to school every day? Poor Ataru's life has never returned to normal since volatile extraterrestrial princess Lum fell for him. Now an excruciatingly wealthy and genteel rival, Mendo, adds to Ataru's torment. Not to mention an unending stream of extraordinary classroom visitors and educational materials including incompetent cherry bl More.

Unknown (TARATSUMI John)


From Bunny's Scanlations and Must Be Endless: One day, up-and-coming young photographer Franz Schumann makes a fateful encounter. A beautiful young man with jet-black hair, eyes that show traces of a fresh grief, white skin like porcelain that, though it’s decorated with numerous bruises, is still sublime: Jay. He won’t tell the whole story of where he’s from, and Franz, wanting to keep the mys More.

Umi to Anata to Taiyou to

ch.4 : End

Nozomi is a normal girl working in Akihabara in Tokyo. A female foreigner, Kiara, from a southern island comes into the cafe she works at after a long day of shopping. The two decide to go to a bar together, and after Kiara gets drunk they go back to her hotel together. Nozomi begins to fall in love with Kiara and leaves Japan for Kiara's home island to be with her. More.

Ushirogawa kara Koigokoro

ch.1 : Oneshot

Strangely, Naoki can't stop thinking about his classmate's broad back. What will he do when the one whose backsight he's always admired suddenly turns around to talk to him? Will watching be enough for Naoki? More.


vol.1 ch.49 : Force to Believe

A collection of shorts by Byungjun Byun, artist of young sensible works on the life in the city, including "Princess Anna" and "Run, Bonggu". Many included shorts have received renowned awards from Korea and Japan. More.

U wa Uchuusen no U

vol.1 ch.8 : The Rocket Man

Comicalization of eight short stories from the great American science fiction master, Ray Bradbury: The Lake: A man revisits his childhood home and recalls a friend who drowned in a lake during childhood. Jack in the Box: A boy lives with his mother in a vast secluded mansion. She raises him to be God after telling him his father, the original God, was killed by beasts outside. Homecoming: The More.

Uchuu no sparrow


After Tsubaki Ryuta is run over by an alien, he receives superpowers that he can’t control. How is Ryuta going to make use of his new powers? Being the new hero of town could be an option, but… More.

Ueki no Housoko

vol.1 ch.8

From Viz: A group of powerful beings called tenkaijin are holding a special tournament. The rules of the game--each tenkaijin selects a kid in junior high to be his champion and grants him a special power. The kids take each other on in heated battle, but if they hurt innocent bystanders, then they lose one of their natural-given abilities. Every time they win a battle, they gain a new ability. T More.

Ugetsu Monogatari

vol.1 ch.3 : Jasei no In

From Aerandria Scans: “Tales of Moonlight and Rain” is a collection of classical Japanese horror/suspense stories. The stories are simple, but abundant with traditional fictional Japanese characters, such as the half-man half-bird Tengu, white serpents, fantastic carps, goblins and restless ghosts, driven by love or hatred. More.

Ultra Red

vol.4 ch.34

How strong are you? In this manga, the hero is an idiotic little boy who has a frightening style of fighting. But he isn't the only fighting monster. Sumeragi Sen will discover people that are stronger than him, and maybe even the limits of his strength. More.

Ume Shigure

vol.1 ch.10 : Goodbye Umecchi!

The story of castle otaku, Ume, meeting a sexy blonde escort girl named Shigure...Is that really it or is there more? Read and find out! More.

Umi-chan's Friends

vol.1 ch.0

Related series: Katteni Kaizo More.

Unbalance na Netsu

vol.1 ch.extra

When Ryuu Kagaya tries to befriend the boy in the next seat to his, honor student Yoshito Naruse, he's shot down. Only after Ryuu sees Yoshito at Ryuu's work does he think they might be friends. Yoshito's brother might have something to say about that... More.

Under Execution Under Jailbreak

ch.4a-c : Deadman's Questions [End]

Contains 4 short stories: Under Execution, Under Jailbreak - A man in jail and his attempts to break out of his cell. Dolce and His Master (2 chapters) - A man and his cat are stranded on a small sinking ship. Their supplies of food and water are dangerously low - almost non-existent. Who will go over the edge first? And who will emerge victorious in the frenzied battle that follows? Thus More.


ch.0 : [Oneshot]

As a woman of a famous ninja clan, Kinuko have a trouble: she has the ability "to see through one's clothes". More.

Under the Bridge

ch.0 : RHCP and Me

A 47 page one-shot about how Harold (mangaka of Beck) got to meet the 'Red Hot Chili Peppers.' More.

Under the Rose (KONNO Kita)

vol.1 ch.0

[From Lililicious]: Under the Rose is a love story between two sisters who meet years after their birth. More.


vol.1 ch.11

The manga begins as Kanae Sekiguchi, proprietor of the Tsuki no Yu bathhouse, struggles to reopen her business after the unexplained disappearance of her husband... More.

Unknown Letters

ch.v2 : [Oneshot]

A love story between high-school friends turned into a Yakuza and Detective. More.