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Virtual Grimm fairy tale

chapter 4

This is how people experience a virtual Grimn fairy tale story. The fairy tale hide cruel stories about wounds and ambitions and obsession. More.

Vampire Knight Memories

chapter 13

The four original Vampire Knight "special chapters" are now the first four chapters of "Vampire Knight Memories". This series focuses on Kaname living with Ai and Ren, and flashbacks of Yuki and Zero's relationship. A new chapter will be released every other month in Lala DX starting from July 2016. More.

Vigilante: Boku no Hero Academia Illegals

chapter 14

Spin-off of Boku no Hero Academia focusing on Vigilantes (unlicensed illegal heroes). More.

Volcanic Age

chapter 6

Joo seo-cheon, a man who survives the age of war through sheer luck and becomes hwasan factions elder only to live a life full of regrets and doubts. he then lies on his death bed waiting for the inevitable when he is returned to the past… More.

Vinland Saga

chapter 143

Vinland Saga is established in England beginning in 1013 A D, the year in which the Danish King Sweyn Forkbeard captured most of it. As King Sweyn nears death, his sons, Prince Canute and Prince Harald, are arguing over his succession. The narrative draws components from historical reports of The Saga of Eric the Red, The Saga of the Greenlanders as well as the interval including The Flateyjarbok. More.

Violence Jack

vol.4 chapter 27.2 : The Hell Towns of Kanto [Part 2]

September 11, 197x, In the whole Kantou region a magniture 8-9 violent earthquake occured. Scholars called it the great destruction of the showa era, but the people called it the earthquake from hell! volcanoes errupted, buildings crumbled, tokyo became decimated in a single day. The government, after failing to recover the city, abandons Tokyo and moves the capital. The survivors form a society w More.

Vampire Sphere

chapter 99

Nine years ago, three seeds were planted, and now they turn into three roses. Behind the girls have been chosen, their wings of destiny open. Bloodlines and hunters, roses and demons, love is like a symphony playing a melancholy tune. More.

Victim. Gate of Spirits

vol.1 chapter 11 : 011

The story is about the people living in a small village near a huge primordial swamp and how they have to fight the dangers emerging from it. The main character – Ivo – several years ago his best friend Dragosh went missing in the swamp. They say that people who disappear in the marshes are sure to die. But Ivo never gave up… Will he be able to get along with his old friend who changed dramatic More.

Venus wa Kataomoi

vol.12 chapter 56.2 : Venus wa kataomoi(LQ Version)

It's spring! And for Suzuna, it's a new life that begins! She is officially a student and finally has her own apartment! Right from the first day, it's love at first sight for Fukami, one of tennis club's members. In order to become close with him, she doesn't hesitate and signs in as well... But it won't be long before she encounters quite an unexpected rival! More.

Vanilla Spider

chapter 6 : It Stings My Nose

Half a year ago, a giant spiderweb appeared across the sky. For a while, it got a lot of media attention. Eventually, when nothing seemed to be happening, people carried on with their normal lives, ignoring the spiderweb. Amedome Tsutsuji lives his daily life under the spiderweb. At school, people have nicknamed him "Ninja," since it's so easy not to notice he's there. Even automatic doors won't a More.

Vanishing Starlight

vol.2 chapter 13

A meeting on a moonlit night with the mysterious man, Revo, will guide the young Noël to "a story" of fate... This comic adaptation is based on the fantasy band Sound Horizon's Anniversary Maxi Vanishing Starlight. More.

Vanitas no Shuki

chapter 15.5

Paris, late 19th century. Vanitas is a human who works as a doctor for vampires and wishes to save them. He uses a magical book called The Vanitas Grimoire to dispel an evil curse that corrupts vampires and turns them into blood-sucking monsters. But...this very same book is rumoured to be the cursed tome that gives birth to vampires on nights when the blue moon is full. Noe is a vampire on th More.

Violent Path Martial Arts School

chapter 3

Sold for 20 gold as a lifetime apprentice to Wudang Wudang in the serene cloud, how will he deal with the impoverished Wudang College's daily life? What kind of hilarious hijinks will Emei, Kongtong, Huashan, and the rest of the gang ensue in the school? Who will be selected for the highest institution of martial arts? More.

Vampire and Hunter

chapter 10

by Manyak Translations Once upon a time, there was a kid who fell in love with a vampire and promised to marry him after he become a man. Years later they met at a banquet, where the kid, who became a hunter, pointed at the vampire. What could've happened? A cute funny love story between a vampire and a vampire hunter. More.

Vector Ball

chapter 19

Updating More.


chapter 1

Updating More.

Versus Earth

vol.1 chapter 4 : Black Flame and Red Blade

Meet Teragane Haruto, your typical high school student without any aspirations or wishes of his own. He is the kind of guy that prefers to be with his friends fooling around and playing all day instead of worrying about his future, until a change in his life suddenly burned down his normal every day life to cinders. An eyed pillar sprung out from the earth, with the intent of killing any human tha More.

Vampire Hunter D

vol.1 chapter 1 : Can you play with me?

From Dark Horse: 12,090 A.D. It is a dark time for the world. Humanity is just crawling out from under three hundred years of domination by the race of vampires known as the Nobility. The war against the vampires has taken its toll; cities lie in ruin, the countryside is fragmented into small villages and fiefdoms that still struggle against nightly raids by the fallen vampires-and the remnants of More.

Vampire And Hunter Spin Off

vol.1 chapter 1 : Can you play with me?

Once upon a time, there was a kid who fell in love with a vampire and promised to marry him after he become a man. Years later they met at a banquet, where the kid, who became a hunter, pointed at the vampire. What could've happened?A cute funny love story between a vampire and a vampire hunter. More.