Barakamon Review Vol. 9

Previous experience appears to suggest that putting the team on the shoulders of Seishuu Handa may not always be recommended. When the obligation falls upon him anyways, however, what goes on?

With no pressure of an imminent calligraphy contest, Seishuu Handa is under very little anxiety that is outside. On the flipside, Hiroshi comes with an imminent interview to handle, an interview which will take him away in the island by himself for the very first time...

Barakamon has had a tendency of having volumes lately, as I mentioned within my previous review that feature more narratives that are overarching, from what was once an entirely episodic storyline construction, shifting somewhat. This is a pleasant change of pace (particularly with the aim of reviewing) as it offers more hours to see character advancement. Characters have grown apparently by themselves and have much more sophisticated actions and motivations than before, and the story (including comedic minutes) only right upward gains from it.

As you may imagine, this is all taken by the villagers quite seriously. They recruit the primary event, the relay race to be participated in by Handa. I had a feeling from the start this would result in an intriguing small arc of narrative, and happily it was. However, one comparatively small thing which I found that truly made me adore this volume was the method that Yoshino was able to pull in small details from various minor events that had happened in preceding volumes and cause them to become useful comedic touches again, like Handa's inclination to trip on stone close to the ocean. Bringing old jokes back is nice approach while adding a little additional hilarity to drop in a few throwbacks, and that I valued the use in the novel.

While the main storyline featuring Handa was rather superb, the best section of the volume was really among the side stories, the continuance of Hiroshi's post-high school preparation. Hiroshi is quite lost, both literally and figuratively, and comes with an impossible time browsing the town in the beginning. Hiroshi's battle to find his place is a long lasting part of the narrative, for readers has caused it to be an extremely welcome addition to the show, but powerful mental involvement and its relative sophistication it brings about.

The continuing growth of subscriber familiarity with the townspeople is a very good method to bring the village to life for buffs while most of the characters have almost no development right now. Even characters like the members of the opposing Rokunosaki hamlet make appearances (although you may recognize a few the children from earlier!), including a classic opponent of Handa's. The adversaries during his job application of even Hiroshi glow as the narrative help complete the cast as well as the volume and uses them in their particular manner.

What actually made the quantity jell was they streamed together even though the individual interlacing arcs of narrative are powerful on their very own. As I mentioned before, the raising skill at crafting a story of Yoshino is now rather clear. By way of example, although the annual sports festival as well as Handa and Hiroshi's storyline have become different individual stories, they can be fitted together with connections that were minor. Also, Hiroshi is after nearly late for the contest because he needs to dye his hair before going outside in public and has only arrived back in town. It might not appear to be much at first glance, but the whole volume is actually enhanced by these loose connections and made this among my favorites.

Barakamon as a collection continues to be enhancing. I say this as a person that is loving the show because the start. Although you have read volumes that are earlier but were somewhat iffy on the continuing attractiveness of the theory long term, do not be. Enthusiasts of the slice of life style narratives are essentially guaranteed to find much to appreciate in Barakamon. This ninth volume specifically is also the best one so far, & most definitely among my favorites.