BTOOOM! Review Vol 13

After washing up on a shore, Ryouta is taken into a peaceful community called "Sanctuary" to recuperate.

Ryouta's strategy to hijack the chopper has ended in failure. Here, several seven lives in a delicate peace using their explosive bims set because no one individual will have the ability to amass enough chips by turning on others to depart the isle. Nevertheless, the balance of power alters and the Sanctuary immediately becomes a death trap after among the group is found killed.

BTOOOM! Right off the bat, we're introduced into a whole new band of characters residing in "Sanctuary" and really get to find out their briefly peaceful existence. If anything, this felt a little bit stupid simply because of how frequently in this chain alone we have seen these kinds of organizations fall apart spectacularly, making Sanctuary feel more like a justification to create the kind of murder mystery that we end up becoming.

By the midpoint of the volume it had been pretty clear that things were immediately going to fall apart. I actually want that in throwing in a few turns or alternative plot elements to keep things interesting writer Junya Inoue had attempted to be somewhat more ambitious here. The single turn of note was the revelation that Kaguya seems to involve some kind of psychic abilities, letting her intuit that Ryouta is a decent man at the same time as (seemingly) action as a spirit medium. I had been left scratching my head as of this inclusion as it felt so out of place with establishing this show has created up to now, and it felt like an entirely unnecessary (and not to mention totally weird) component to add so late in the show.

Although I had been intrigued in believing the debut of a fresh number of characters might be a reinvigorating shift to get the story going in a fresh way at first, I was disappointed to learn these characters were just not so intriguing. They may be put together less or more a group of one-note characters, also it almost felt as when they were instantly created with the aim of getting Ryouta in another difficult position instead of really being fleshed out players of the sport. That is exacerbated by the fact the infighting starts so immediately after the coming of Ryouta with no opportunity to actually make me care about such characters. This caused it to be unsatisfactory to leave behind the recognized cast of characters, and from the conclusion of the volume I found myself wondering what Oda and Himiko were up to because the storyline had spend as much time developing their characters.

When things ultimately fall of the group, the narrative never really gets going in an interesting way. Ryouta's own activities in this quantity are not remarkable in the least, and unfortunately his character isn't investigated in almost any manner that is significant when compared with the final amount of volumes which saw him being introspective regarding the results of his activities. If anything, the most growth he gets happens in a unusual scene were Kaguya discusses with all the nature of the dead comrade Taira of Ryouta to assuage the guilt over his departure of Ryouta. In the event the whole thing did not feel so out of the blue, this could have worked, and the emotional reaction in terms of Taira seemingly giving a grin to Ryouta felt a little bit hamfisted and goofy rather than maudlin.

BTOOOM Vol. 13 does not show much of the arty dash seen in some of the earlier volumes of this set. The newest character designs are unimaginative and dull in comparison to the characters we have seen up to now in the show, and that I do not see myself actually remembering any of them for considerably longer compared to the more memorable layouts shown in characters such as Oda and Himiko.

BTOOOM! It was unsatisfactory that the time in Sanctuary of Ryouta was not entirely unpredictable, and not one of the new characters were interesting in the slightest. It was not horrible, but with little activity this volume was a disappointing move for this show and completely uninteresting.