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Ken Kaneki is thrilled the girl he is been mooning around from a coffee bar he haunts along with his buddy when he gets the opportunity to take a date with Rize. When she attempts to eat him the date goes sour. She's a creature that seems person but feeds on the flesh of dead people, a ghoul. Ghouls are more powerful, faster, and more lethal than anything Kaneki can wrap his head around ... which is terrible for him, because after receiving a ghoul's organs in an organ transplant he begins to become one himself.

tokyo ghoul review

The set up of Tokyo Ghoul manga is not so distinct from a vampire novel, but using an underutilized creature, ghouls, is a pleasant twist. The authorities understand about ghouls-- about how dangerous they're, TV hosts do talk shows --but telling a ghoul from a person is not simple. The single giveaway is their diet: ghouls can not drink drinks that are human, except java and can not eat human food. When they are able to kill, they discharge tentacle-like organs called
kagune which they utilize to kill their quarry. As he transforms, Kaneki spends much of Book 1 fighting with his instincts, enduring rabid hunger for human flesh, and attempting to not kill anyone. And it goes down from there.

Do not let pretty screen shots from the anime deceive you; the artwork of Ishida is sketchy and rough, even nasty at times. The characters are not always in the old characters seem and proportion plain odd. The fight scenes are difficult to follow since there are several, which is a pity. But certainly none of this matters. The narrative-- Kaneki's battle along with his new state of being along with all the brutality of
society that is ghoul --is what pulls on the narrative into deep, dark waters filled with sharks.

Tokyo Ghoul is
a straight up horror manga. Or psychological thriller. What you may call it, Tokyo Ghoul is manufactured from pain. Nothing pleasant, funny, or cute occurs here: the only "kindness" Kaneki is offered is the ability to feed without killing his own quarry. But that amounts to getting frozen meat that is human in the coffee shop. It is an excellent show for anybody looking for unrelenting existential anxiety. Which is a recommendation, although a strange recommendation yet

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