Midnight Secretary Reviews : Vol 1

For Kaya, that might actually be true, although many individuals say they got the manager from hell. Her manager is a vampire.

Kyohei is the managing director of Tohma Corp., and he's a substantial turnover rate with his secretaries. Kyohei got to where he's from his effort, although his dad is the head of the organization. Everyone keeps going on about just what a great secretary Kaya is, and finally she is assigned to be his executive secretary.

Kyohei is fine, exploding and smoldering with sex appeal, however he's one significant issue that appears to harass amorous heroes: he is a jerk. For instance, he makes remarks that are improper about how exactly he needs a secretary more easy on the eyes than Kaya. When he realizes she is capable at her job, which serves him right he shuts up, and he does appear to be easing on his jerky-ness through the manga.

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Kaya is a diligent secretary who keeps close eyes on him, so she figures out his secret before too long, although Kyohei does not go around announcing to people that he is a vampire. All novels that are vampire determine which do not work for them or legends work, and Midnight Secretary is no exception. Crosses can bear, however he can not be around devoutness for too long. Human food can be eaten by him, however he prefers not to. And of course he wants blood...

He never must kill anyone. He only wants a small flavor to keep him going. Naturally, we reach a stage in the manga where Kyohei is in need of blood pronto so she becomes the blood donor and just Kaya is around. She locates the experience tremendously exciting, and her feelings for Kyohei continue to deepen. He, meanwhile, becomes increasingly more impressed with Kaya's work character, abilities and ethic.

Midnight Secretary is rated "M," but there is actually nothing in this first volume that merits a rating like this. The art has a tidy, sexy, gothic feel to it, quite appropriate for the storyline (and it is interesting this is coming out prior to Halloween). My only real gripe with all the novel is the character of Kyohei, because no matter how really hot a guy is, a poor character is a relationship ender. Nevertheless, it is manga, it is dream, so chances are he will shape up. (And if he does not get finer, he will still have his fangirls... but I will not be one of them.) Midnight Secretary has an assumption that is pretty simple, but with its captivating artwork and escapist-read feeling, it is an enjoyable manga to pass the time. I do need to read a lot more to observe the way that it's going to go from here, and so long as Kyohei gets a style that is better, this appears that it could be a light show that is fairly interesting.

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