Warrior Inspired - Meitou Paper Knife Collection

History buffs and sword connoisseurs might want to consider visiting Nikken Cutlery’s crowdfunding campaign for their Meitou Paper Knife series, which opened Feb. 13!

■ About Meitou Paper Knife
The Meitou Paper Knife series produces gorgeous yet practical miniature swords inspired by famous military commanders and warriors found throughout Japan’s long history! This particular campaign offers swords inspired by Hijikata Toshizo, Sakamoto Ryoma, and Oda Nobunaga. Everything from the curve of the blades, to the emblazoned crests, to the scabbard design represents the skill and spirit of their respective warriors.

Not only are these miniature swords stylistically gorgeous and perfect for displaying on your desk with their included display stand, but their blades are actually sharp, lending them a practical use as well.

Check out some of the crowdfunding details below! Aside from the miniature swords, other items offered include scissors, Touken Ranbu collaborations, and even a knife that was worked on by the famous Fukudome Fusayuki, a swordsmith from Gifu’s Sekishi with a penchant for crafting swords!

■ Crowdfunding Details
To make this particular Meitou Paper Knife series a reality, Nikken Cutlery has set the crowdfunding goal to 10 million yen. Backers will have two months to pledge their loyalty to the cause!

・3,000 yen
Meitou Paper Knife: Hijikata Toshizo Model
Meitou Paper Knife: Sakamoto Ryoma Model
Meitou Paper Knife: Oda Nobunaga Model

・5,500 yen (limited to 300 backers)
Sakamoto Ryoma & Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki Limited Set
[Includes Sakamoto Ryoma Model Meitou Paper Knife and Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki Scissors]

・8,500 yen
Meitou Paper Knife Set of 3

・15,000 yen
Oda Nobunaga & Heshikiri Hasebe Set (limited to 100 backers)
[Includes Oda Nobunaga Model Meitou Paper Knife, Japanese Sword Scissors, and Nail Clippers)

・85,000 yen (limited to 5 backers)
Nikken Cutlery x Fukudome Fusayuki Knife